Adoh Update – June 9th 2023

Long overdue update here. The past 8 weeks have been focused on stacking 25-27 hour
training weeks. As you may know we wanted to take a small step away from racing to rebuild
the volume necessary for great results later in the season.

Traveling internationally and tapering for a race has slightly adverse effects on long term
training, so we wanted to take this time to prepare for a big summer of racing. This will be kicked
off with back-to-back races: Montreal on July 8th & Long Beach July 15th. Both races will of
course be internationally fielded events put on by World Triathlon. With plenty of points up for
grabs and two very competitive fields we look forward to strong results among some of the best
in the world.

With this time to focus on the training, we were given the opportunity to do lab testing as a team.
We were invited to the University of Rhode Island to participate in body composition testing,
VO2 Max testing, and lactate threshold testing. The information gathered from this has allowed
my coach the ability to dial in my training even more. Doing an all out effort for VO2 max tells us
how far we can push our training to get the most out of my body. Sport has become so scientific
in recent years, so we are trying to stay ahead of the curve by doing everything possible to have
that competitive edge.

As always – thank you for the continued support…I will keep you posted with upcoming races.

God Bless!

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