Adoh Update – April 21 2023

Hey Y’all.

Happy Friday!

The race this past weekend in St. Louis was my second best result in an international field. I placed 23rd accumulating 38 more points. This race was the second of my season and the second of three domestic races on the calendar. 

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the swim portion of this race was my best of the three disciplines. I led the second swim pack out of the water. This allowed for minimal draft, meaning I was working VERY hard.  I felt incredibly flat on the bike and run. I held on, regardless of the discomfort and managed to pull out 38 points and climb in the rankings. 

With that said, we have decided to take the next 8 weeks to focus on a big training block. We want to get the bike and run back to where they usually are and continue to keep the swim consistent. This means that I will be stepping away from a couple races originally on the schedule to focus on growth to hit the June and July races HARD. We will be deciding where we want to compete as we get closer. 

As for now, we will grind and focus on becoming a well rounded triathlete. I’m excited to see what can happen once we put all three together. The big result is coming … I feel it. 

Have a great weekend! 

God Bless


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