Adoh Update – Dec 1st 2022


I am checking in from California! I have been here for about 5 weeks training at the University of California Berkeley. As you may know Speedo lined up this opportunity for me to train with one of their coaches who is responsible for the development of some of the biggest names in USA Swimming. With this time in the ‘off season’ we are focusing HEAVILY on the swim. I am swimming about 42,000 yards a week with at least 9 pool sessions a week. 

This experience has been something special. Being around some of the best swimmers at the Olympic level AND the defending NCAA Champions on a daily basis has elevated my mind. Every day I am pushed to my limits in the water. I am also surrounded with some of the top coaches as well. We have been focusing on not only high volume and intensity, but technique as well. We are looking to work out some of the kinks in my swim stroke so that we can be efficient in the water allowing me to be as fresh as possible for the bike and run portions of the race. 

‘The Proof is in the results’ … Exactly four weeks into being here we ‘tested’ and did a 500yd time trial. After those 28 days we dropped my time by 13 seconds (5:28 -> 5:15). This is a HUGE jump. Our goal is still to be under 5 minutes by January! We are on the right track and making big progress. 

I want to close with something a bit personal. A couple of weeks ago I held an Olympic Gold Medal. This was my first time seeing one in person. One of my training buddies earned this in Tokyo shortly after setting a world record. The emotions that ran through me when I touched it was something I can’t explain. I want you to know that everyday I work towards that Gold Medal. I used to be nervous to say it, but I know it is fully possible. I declined wearing his because I know I can earn my own and have it placed around my neck. Until God brings me to that day we will give this everything we got. 

As always, I am grateful for you being in my corner. We will all rise together. 

Thank you .. And God bless YOU.


P.s. Attached is the pool we have been training in. We get in before the sun gets up. 

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