Adoh Update – Feb 2nd, 2023


This newsletter is coming from Clermont, Florida, home of the National Training Center and my team, JP Elite. However, before arriving here I spent about two and a half weeks in Colorado Springs training at The United States Olympic Training Center. This was the first time being invited to the ‘OTC’ and a place that I have always wanted to train. I was able to use this time to train with the National and Olympic Team coaches and staff, truly the best in the world. Living in the dorms and training on campus allowed for a very focused trip. This experience was something very special and I look forward to being able to train here again in the future. 

Since then, I have moved out of my apartment in California and settled back in with my team in Florida. I have resumed full triathlon training again now matching my run and bike volume with the swim volume. It is now time to focus on the 2023 race season which is already only 6 weeks away.

With this massive swim ‘block’ we have been working on I was looking forward to testing my swim fitness with another 500yd test. This will still happen, but we are putting it on hold for now because we think that we overdid the swim training a little too much prior to arriving back here at camp. A combination of the Colorado altitude, the highest volume I’ve ever recorded, and the intensity took its toll on my body… and I am paying for it now. As a matter of fact my last week of the swim block, I swam more miles than I ran. I clocked about 46,000 yards in 6 days, which is about 26 miles. I’m excited to see where we are once things settle.

Finally, I am attaching my most recent interview with The International Podcast.  

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