Adoh’s Update July 26th 2023


July was home to back to back race weekends in Montreal, Canada and Long Beach, California.

These past two races have been a BIG jump in the right direction. As many of you know we have spent so much time training the swim and trying to get ourselves into a position to race. I am happy to say we are here now. At the America’s Cup Montreal we had a pontoon dive-in start for our 750m swim. The leader swam 9:13 and I came in 35 seconds back at 9:48. This was good enough for the front of the chase pack on the bike. After pulling my bike pack to the lead group I worked my way through the front pack and decided to try and pull away on the bike. Knowing that my bike is in a very good place right now I wanted to rip the pack apart. This ended up biting me because I had little left for the run. This was, however, the first time I have ever led an internationally fielded elite race. I finished 95 seconds behind the winner in 25th and scored 32 points for world ranking.  

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